Join us for the tiny house meetup in the yurt

What is a yurt?

Noun: A round tent, supported by wood lattice on the sides, with a smoke exit hole on top and made of cloth, leather or felt. Home to Mongolians and Californian hippies (but not together.)

This definition is from the URBAN DICTIONARY. You have to love the Urban Dictionary and its funny definitions, including outrageous stories about the defined word.

For more information about Yurts check out one of the largest Yurt companies in the United States, Pacific Yurt. Their website has great information and sells prepackaged kits that provide everything you need to build your own yurt, including lattice walls, roof rafters, doors and windows, and moisture-proof coverings for the roof and exterior walls. Most modern yurts meet the structural requirements of the International Building Code. The cost is $5,000 to $6,000 for a 16-foot-diameter yurt.

Come Assemble a Yurt with us

If you have never seen a Yurt up close – now’s your chance! Our NJ friend and fabulous human being, Kari Cooper aka Yurt Grrl, will be hosting our October 2016 NJ Meetup. She will teach us about Yurts while we help set her Yurt up at the venue in Chatham, NJ. That’s right, you will get firsthand experience in assembling a Yurt. After the Yurt is set up we will hold our Meetup gathering inside the Yurt.

Here’s the Meetup info: Yurt assembling and Meetup gathering

Date: Saturday, October 1, 2016

Location: Behind Fairmount Country Store, 765 Fairmount Ave. Chatham, NJ 0728

Time: Yurt set up 11:30 am followed by a BYO lunch. Lunch can also be purchased in the Fairmount Country Store at our venue location.

Yurt Open House will be conducted until 4:00 pm.

RSVP: Check out our Meetup group and reserve your spot in the Yurt.

Special Notes

Yurt Grrl was a presenter at the Georgia Tiny House Festival in 2015 and is a Featured Presenter at the Florida Tiny House Festival November 16, 17, 18, 2016. If you aren’t in the NJ area, perhaps you can catch up with Kari in Florida? Registration is now open and a crowd of 10,000 is expected to attend, due to all the exciting happenings. Lots of tiny houses, vintage campers, nationally known speakers and great entertainment.

One more thing! I almost forgot to mention that two of the Building a Tiny Life team,  are part of the Core team at the Florida Tiny House Festival. Yes, that’s right, Sharon Hurley and Leanne Stephens will be in Florida in November. Hope to see you there!