Tiny Houses and ADUs in NJ/PA

Socializing after the Meetup

Everyone knows that tiny life people are terrific!

That was absolutely proven true at our recent meetup in South Jersey.  It was so much fun to hear everyone’s story about how they became interested in tiny houses, and where they are on their journey.  We’ll be featuring several of their stories in upcoming blog posts.

The group was comprised of people in the planning stages, people actually building right now, and people who are involved with Tiny House workshops and events.

Ideas, plans, and suggestions were flying around, and the energy in the room was amazing. Kari Cooper, also known as Yurt Grrl, told us about all the events she has attended.  She sets up her yurt, gives tours of it, and teaches workshops on things like how to use power tools.

“Where are MY people?”

Kari has traveled throughout the country for the past few years promoting tiny houses, and she has met many exciting people everywhere, but whenever she returned home she would think, “Where are MY people?” She was sure there were people interested in tiny houses in her home state of New Jersey, but she didn’t know where to find them!  Then one day she came across the meetup group, Tiny Houses and ADU’s in NJ/PA.  Kari joined the group, and there they were: her people!

Yurt Grrl's yurt at a tiny house event

Yurt Grrl’s yurt set up at a Tiny House event

It’s so great to be part of a community of people who get it…

…because let’s face it, a lot of our friends and family members don’t.  That’s the main reason we created this website, to support the Tiny House community and be a gathering place for people to connect with and learn from each other.  Together, we can become a force for change in the greater community.

We are better together!