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I’m Sharon Hurley. Here is my tiny story. Once upon a time… well you get the idea, I accidentally stumbled upon an article about Tiny Houses and I fell in love! I know you understand what I’m talking about. I spent the next year browsing the internet till all hours of the night reading about Tiny Living. What I’ve found is a wonderful community of people that have a similar desire to live with purpose, in a smaller environment and in a more meaningful way.

As a child (back to Once upon a time) I created my own tiny life inside my parent’s large colonial home. I discovered the opening to our attic by climbing up the shelving inside our linen closet. Arriving in the attic I found a place where I could go to get away from the “noise” of a large family. I created tables out of cardboard boxes that I spray painted in colorful hues. I set up a comfortable space with lots of pillows and blankets. Inside this space I had peace and quiet. My tiny escape was where I spent hours with my flashlight and books to keep me content and happy. This is where I began to dream about the life that I most desired.

This is the feeling I get today remembering that peaceful childhood place, where I learned how to Build a Tiny Life. I will share my expertise, hopes and dreams about the journey to creating a life with more simplicity. As you explore the How To’s and the variety of ways people are creating a new vision for their lives – I hope you will join me.

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