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Hello my Tiny House friends!

The Tiny House Online Summit is sensational! If you haven’t signed up to listen online for free you have one more chance. All the videos from the whole week will be LIVE tomorrow February 25, 2017 from noon to 11:59pm. I am giving you a direct link to the site to register for free. If you do decide to invest in the purchase for lifetime access you will also need to pay the fee by tomorrow night before the price goes up. Here’s the scoop of all the added incentives if you purchase.

Buy the Tiny House Summit “Recordings + Bonuses” Package – Register Now! Use this link and code to register for free and/or purchase: 
Available until 11:59 pm US Eastern Standard Time on Saturday, February 25th

​Buy the Summit Recordings + Bonuses package and you’ll get:

  • Anytime online access to all 40 interviews and presentations, plus a few extras we’ll be doing in the weeks to come where there were scheduling conflicts with the presenters. This includes the community presentations, andimmediate access to all the sessions already shown during the Summit.
  • Permission to show the videos at non-commercial gatherings and events.
  • All of the Webinars.
  • The ability to download and watch off-line all of the videos.
  • Full, high-quality, and high-resolution versions of the videos from Alexis Stephens, Andrew and Gabriella Morrison, Andrew Odom, Damon DesChamp and Natalie Doolittle, Deek Diedricksen, Felice Cohen, Hari Berzins, Jake & Kiva, Jewel Pearson, Saul Rip Hansen. Tracey Powell, and Zack Giffin.
  • Downloadable mp3 / audio versions of every session.

PLUS you’ll also get the following bonus materials (full descriptions online):

  • From Felice Cohen:
    • ’10 Tips to Get You Motivated to Downsize Your Stuff’ (PDF / Ebook)
    • $2 off coupon when ordering her book, 90 Lessons for Living Large in 90 Square Feet (…or more)
  • From Macy Miller: ‘101 Things I Learned Building My Tiny House’ PLUS ‘101 Things I Learned Living in My Tiny House’ (PDF / Ebook)
  • From Eco Cabins:
    • A free code to download chapters 1 – 5 of ‘Turning Tiny: The Small Living Paradigm that’s Reshaping the Way We Think, Live and Dream’ (Code)
    • ‘EcoCabins: Factory-Built Dwellings Made Simple’ (PDF / Ebook)
    • ‘Tiny Living Encompasses’ (PDF / Ebook)
    • ‘Determining Legal Housing Placement’ (PDF / Ebook)
  • From ‘8×10 Vermonter – Introduction’ (PDF / Ebook)
  • From Live a F.A.S.T. Life: ‘Tiny Abundance: My Journey to a Simple Yet Fabulously Abundant Life in 160 Square Feet’ (PDF / Ebook)
  • From Natural Building Blog: ‘The Best of the Natural Building Blog’ (PDF / Ebook)
  • From Pin Up Houses: ‘How to Build a Tiny House: Step by Step DIY Small House Construction Guide’ (PDF / Ebook)
  • From Tiny House Advisor: ‘Tiny Experiences’ (PDF / Ebook)
  • From Tiny r(E)volution: ‘Built-In Roll Out Bed: A Simple Way to Use Plywood and Piano Hinges to Turn any Small Space Space Into a Bedroom’ (PDF / Ebook)
  • From Tiny Real Estate: ‘Tiny Houses: Getting Started Guide’ (PDF / Ebook)
  • From Jenn Baxter & Angela Alcorn: ‘Choosing a Tiny Home Builder’ (PDF / Ebook)
  • From Abundaculture:
    • ‘Installing a Small, 12 Volt, Off-Grid Solar System (PDF / Ebook)
    • ‘A Water Catchment System (PDF / Ebook)
    • ‘How to Keep Batteries Alive for Years and Years (PDF / Ebook)
    • ‘Typical Wattage Requirements for Common Appliances (PDF / Ebook)
    • ‘Building a Composting Enclosure (PDF / Ebook)
    • ‘A Gray Water System (PDF / Ebook)
    • ‘Building a Sawdust Toilet (PDF / Ebook)
    • ‘Parts of a Simple Solar Electric System (PDF / Ebook)
    • ‘Sub-Irrigated Planters (PDF / Ebook)
    • ‘Abundaculture Manual (PDF / Ebook)
    • ‘Purifying Your Water (PDF / Ebook)
    • ‘Water System Diagram (PDF / Ebook)
  • From Tiny Nest Project:
    • ‘Tiny Nest Project Iron Eagle Trailer Sketchup’ (Sketchup file)
    • Tiny Nest Project: ‘Tiny Nest Project 3D Tiny House Sketchup’ (Sketchup file)
    • Tiny Nest Project: ‘TinyPad Sketchup Model by Chris Cook’ (Sketchup file)
  • From Barb Diaz at Cottage Camper: outline and resource links, ‘DIY- THOW: How Do I Make it Happen?’ (PDF / Ebook)

That’s a lot, right?! Convinced yet? Register here!

2017 Tiny House Summit Recordings + Bonuses Online Access $99.00

2017 Tiny House Summit Recordings + Bonuses Online Access + Mailed USB Memory Stick with All Content $199.00
From the Summit organizers: “With your purchase you will: join the Tiny Movement, finding out the latest developments and meet some of the big players;  get inspired (open a video during your free time and continue to be inspired all year long!); join a community of like-minded individuals; connect with others–discover names, websites, resources for reaching out to the Tiny movers and shakers who can best help you on your journey; get ideas–many of our presenters have offered numerous tips and lessons learned from their tiny adventures; have access to all the speakers and delve into the ideas, inspirations, paths, processes and ideals that are shared; learn from their personal experiences and wisdom; and discover the common thread of the Tiny House movement being more than about the house you choose (“it’s not about the house!”). Come find out what it is all about!”