I knew I wanted to talk to people in person about how they were building a tiny life. I wanted to visit with them but not necessarily to take steps to live in a Tiny House – yet. I really wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to go with this – I just KNEW I had to follow the urging of my soul to figure it out.

Tiny House Conference 2014

Tiny House Conference 2014

I found Ryan Mitchell’s website The Tiny Life and saw that he was planning the very first national Tiny House Conference. He was looking for people to volunteer! I signed up that day. When I received the call from Ryan that my application had been accepted I will never forget what he said to me. I told him that I had no idea what I was doing but I just had to do it. He said, “Ahh, you drank the Kool-Aid.” I know this probably has some negative meanings but for me it meant that I had found the place to connect with others while figuring it all out!

Within the next two months I was on site volunteering and attending the Tiny House Conference! As a certified Volunteer Administrator (CVA) I was personally interested in how the volunteers were being utilized. Some volunteers were responsible for the Registration table, others were introducing the speakers, others were assisting with the AV during the presentations and others did trouble shooting.

I also realized that weekend at the Tiny House Conference that there is nothing better than actually standing in a variety of Tiny Houses to get the feel of the space. It is much different than seeing it on paper or TV. After the conference I began to dream about building my own Tiny House so I decided after meeting Dan Louche that I would buy his Construction Guide Book. Since I have no experience in building, this book clearly spelled out how to begin. He gives hands on construction weekend workshops where you are able to actually use power tools. (              )That’s on my To Do list of Tiny events to participate in.

The next Tiny House event I attended was a weekend classroom workshop given by Tumbleweed Tiny Houses.  The presenter was none other than the awesome Deek Diedricksen from Relax Shacks . This inside workshop answered many of the questions about systems and construction details that helped me visualize what was needed in designing a Tiny House. I was also fortunate to meet Guillaume Dutilh and Jenna Spesard from Tiny House Giant Journey. This was one of their first stops across America with their newly built Tiny Home. It was so beautiful and my camera couldn’t seem to take enough pictures.

Tiny House Giant Journey, Philadelphia, PA 2014

Tiny House Giant Journey, Philadelphia, PA 2014

I realized during that Tumbleweed weekend that is was important for me to stay connected with people locally that shared my Tiny House passion. I went home and immediately started a Meetup group for NJ and PA, Tiny Houses and ADU’s in NJ/PA. Over the course of the past year this group has tripled in size and continues to grow each day. For me, there is nothing better than to sit with people locally that are inspired to build a tiny life! Each person in the group brings a different perspective and desire. I leave after a two hour meeting feeling like I had just hit a big lottery.

I’m still not sure whether I’ll be living in a Tiny House soon but what I DO know is that the learning never stops and the people that I have met are thoughtful, fun and a wonderful addition to my life!


NJ Meetup Community at Sadie’s THOW

NJ Meetup at Sadie’s THOW under construction April 2016


Tiny House Conference