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Whether you are new to the Tiny House Movement and looking for ways to learn and connect, a business owner involved in the Tiny House business, or a person needing some help making life changes to improve the quality of your life, we offer assistance in the following ways.

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Tiny House Builders and Event Organizers 

Event Registration: Let us help you plan a Tiny House Event. Need someone to take care of the promotion, registration, volunteer management and attendee questions? That’s our specialty!

Social Media Management: We can help keep your business visible.  We offer affordable social media postings, on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule.  Let us create and coordinate your postings for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

Speaker: Need a speaker for your Tiny House event?   Want to begin the journey to living with less?

Tiny Living Enthusiasts

BLOG Support: Do you want to have your own Blog to chronicle your steps to Tiny Living or building your Tiny House?

Manage a Meetup Group: Need help starting a Meetup group? We have packages for the initial creation of your group, in addition to the ongoing maintenance of the group events and promotion. Need someone to do a review of your page? We’ll assist!

Newbies to Tiny Living

Tiny Living Action Guide:  Making changes can be hard. Whether you are moving into a smaller space, trying to de-clutter, or helping an aging family member, it’s an emotional process full of difficult decisions.  We offer assistance beginning with resources and guides to simplify the process and save you time and money. Click the link to begin taking the Tiny steps! Sign up for our Free Action Guide.

BLOG: Read our Blog about people that are already Building a Tiny Life.

Connect With Others: Do you wonder if there are others attending the same event as you? Want to join a local Meetup group? Find attendees at Tiny House events, plan to car pool or share a room? Ask us!

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