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Our Basic Requirements for a Livable House

As you will see from these lists, not everyone has the same needs and requirements for their home.


Shelter, protection from weather
Secure and in a safe location
Comfortable places to relax, eat, sleep
Hot water, heat, air conditioning
Functionality for things like cooking, storage, washing clothes
Good natural and artificial lighting
Low maintenance
Inviting outdoor spaces
Be a part of a community
Convenient access to stores, church, entertainment


Cat friendly
Surrounded by nature but not remote
Creative space/photography
Ample storage
Pretty and comfy bed/recliner
On and off grid options
Small town/community
Visitor space/grandchildren


Single level – no stairs
Minimum 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms
Energy efficient
Ample storage
Not too close to neighbors
Affordable taxes and insurance
Conveniently located to services
Reliable high-speed internet
Comfortable furnishings
Built-ins closet and storage
Emergency generator

Catherine Restivo:

Live fully on solar and wind power, but also hookup capabilities
THOW so I’m flexible/moveable
A garden
Plenty of storage – a place for everything
My foldable bike
THOW that is insulated for very cold/hot climes
Safe environment for a single woman
Community environment and privacy
Near lake, stream, pond, etc.
Internet & cell signal

Sadie Lehman:

A safe loving shelter near nature
Clean water, sustainable energy
Heat, hot water
Animals, nature, garden
A space to be creative, my art
My loved ones and guest sleeping space
Space to cook
Community/town near by
Adaptable/flexible to my expanding family


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