Candlelight vigil for Dr. Mayer, Robbinsville, NJIt has been a very difficult time in my small town, Robbinsville, NJ due to the tragic death of our beloved school superintendent. While Dr. Steven Mayer was out with his dog for an early morning jog, they were both hit by a car. The driver was a 17 year old student on her way to school.

When a tragedy happens it makes you reflect on your own life. Seeing the outpouring of love from the town’s people has been heartwarming. It was particularly poignant when a candlelight vigil was held as a way to bring people together in their time of grief. It reminded me why living in a small community is really important to me. Feeling a connection to others, even those I had never met, felt warm and personal.

In these times of reflection it reminded me of the importance of keeping things in proper perspective. Staying in touch regularly with the people I love seems to be obvious, but am I actually taking action to create the time no matter how busy life seems to get? I know that I need to stop and make the decision to figure out whether my life is being managed or am I allowing life to manage me? Once I make the life decisions, am I following through with the steps necessary to make it happen?

Our superintendent, Steven modeled his passion for helping others in many ways and the one constant was telling his family each day to “make someone’s day today.” What a legacy to leave!