Robbinsville Green FairWhat is a Green Fair? It is a community event where people come together to learn how best to live a more environmentally friendly life. Most Fairs have products, speakers and activities that showcase topics from, gardening, healthy living practices, energy conservation, recycling and reusing, and sustainable lifestyles.

At Building a Tiny Life we are proud to participate in the first Robbinsville Green Fair. We will educate people about the idea of living with less stuff and we will specifically be talking about Tiny Houses and how living Tiny helps the environment.

In addition, we have partnered with  Second Chance Toys to collect used plastic toys at the event. These toys will be donated locally to Penn Reach organization that supports homeless families that need affordable housing and wrap around supports to stay together successfully.

Children attending the Green Fair can bring their donations to the Building a Tiny Life booth and receive an Earth Week Activity Coloring page. The page thanks the child for giving the toy a “second chance” instead of it being thrown out in the trash.