Granddaughter Lily stylin'


The video on our HOME page was created by my granddaughter, Lily. She was 6 years old when she made the video using her parent’s mini iPad. The idea about chronicling the clean up of Lily’s bedroom came about when she had a melt down about the job being TOO big for her to do, even with the help of her “special guest” – me.  Lily is a very bright child! (I know that all Grandparents say that but I really mean it! -lol) With my expertise in early childhood education, I knew that we had to do something that would make this very big job be more fun to do together.

After sitting down with a cup of chocolate milk, (chocolate makes everything better) we brainstormed possible ways to tackle the bedroom. Most ideas were dismissed immediately by one of us. For example, one of Lily’s ideas was for me to do the work and she would sit and tell me what to do. I vetoed that one. I suggested that we start with a garbage bag, she vetoed that one.

We compromised on taking before and after photos so we could see the progress. Taking photos was also a great way to help Lily keep the memory of the item before donating the toys to charity. She liked the photo idea so much that she suggested using the video program to put all the photos together in a story – I told you she was smart!