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How to Build a Tiny Life

Building a Tiny Life is about looking inside yourself first to determine what’s most important to you. DREAM!


Close your eyes. (Oh wait, do that after you read the full page). I want you to begin to imagine what your life would be like if there were no restrictions, no financial issues, no one telling you what you should or shouldn’t do. Just imagine your dream life.

Building a Tiny Life is different for each person. Unique to your individual interests, desires, past experiences and needs.


My dream: to live in a peaceful setting in a tiny/small house, filled with love, in a small town.  Dreams can be kind of tricky because even though I’m not living in the setting that I have pictured in my head, I AM already living in a small condo in a small town. Hmmm…. what does that mean? It means that I need to be a bit more specific in defining what I desire while I’m building the tiny life of my dreams. It also means that I don’t have to wait to build that kind of life. Taking small steps all along the way toward that dream is what is most important.

So, let’s get specific. After you have finished with closing your eyes and visualizing that dream life, you need to write down what you’ve noticed. Use your senses to describe what you have visualized. Begin with your sense of sight. What do you see?  For me, my house wasn’t easy to visualize. What I could see was that I was surrounded by nature, specifically mountains. I also had animals near me. There were both wild animals such as rabbits, deer, chipmunks and birds as well as domestic animals such as cats and dogs. It was interesting because once I started writing, I realized that it was more about the emotions and feelings that surrounded me in the dream, than the type of house I was living in.

Here’s the cool part. When I bought my condo in 2000, I knew I wanted to be where there were trees, nice places to walk, and where I could have animals in my life. I’m achieving that by living in a condo with a wooded area as my backyard.  I already see all the animals mentioned above in my current backyard, and my kitty Jasmine (pictured) is my buddy and a fabulous greeter when I come home from the office each day!

Do you own too much stuff? I did (do)!

Storage boxes in garage

How much is enough?

Yes, this was one side – yes that’s right, one side of my old garage. I am proud to say that I am a great packer of things and therefore was still able to get my car in the garage. I could only open the driver side door but at least I could get my car inside.

Being a great packer has its’ disadvantages. I still had too much stuff that I didn’t need.

Offer your help and support to others. Not someday, not when  you have more time, but TODAY!

Making a difference in another’s life, is important for a peaceful world. I have contributed throughout my life in some small way by being a volunteer. I’m making an effort to get more involved in the small community where I currently live. I’ve had the same voice mail message for many years. If you have ever called and heard my voice mail it says, “Have a nice day and don’t forget to smile”! Small actions can be just what someone needs today. 

Creating a Vision Board for your Tiny Life

So what are you waiting for?

As you build your tiny life you will make adjustments all along the way. That’s just life.







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