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Building a Community

Beginning this new tiny adventure may feel lonely at first. Family and friends may not understand your new found passion for tiny living. They may even think you are a bit crazy for wanting to make such dramatic changes. You instinctively know you need to connect with other like minded people, but where do you begin? Like us, the desire to change your lifestyle probably started with an online search using words like – Tiny House, Downsizing, Clutter, Organizing, Simple, and Tiny House Community, to name a few.

What is Community?

What you probably found in your search for others like you was the term, Tiny House Movement. This may have seemed confusing but it really just defines the community of people that are actively involved in living a life with less stuff, in a smaller space. Community can be defined by thinking about two different categories. The first is the geographic area of living near others in tiny houses and the second is connecting with people that share similar ideals and interests, (either in person or virtually).


TH Meetup selfie

TH Meetup selfie at Sadie’s THOW

If you are ready to downsize and move into a Tiny House it is getting easier each day to find people already living in Tiny House Communities.

For some geographic communities it is important to share in a common cause, like saving the environment, by living off the grid. Many people interested in Tiny Houses like being part of a group of people that are utilizing recycled materials, and having the smallest carbon footprint possible. For other communities it is simply about the size of the house. A Tiny House is usually less than 500 sq. feet. Many Tiny Houses are less than 300 sq. feet, especially if they are a Tiny House on Wheels -THOW. Check out our Gallery page to see photos of Tiny Houses. Many people are building their own Tiny Houses and later finding the right place to park their new home, like Sadie in our photo.

Ideals and Interests

If you are like us, intrigued about living tiny but not quite ready to move to a Tiny House Community, then there are many ways to find people. The Tiny House Movement/Community of people with similar interests is growing daily due to social media, television, and technology. The number of Blogs, books, videos, websites, events, conferences, gatherings and online courses has opened up a whole new world to people wanting to Build a Tiny Life. Sign up to receive our Action Guide. It will assist you in figuring out what’s most important to you. We will guide and encourage you all along this journey!

Local Community

A great place to begin connecting with Tiny House people is in your current community. Join a Tiny House Meetup group. If there isn’t one near you – start one of your own. We did and can help you too! Check out our Blog for other tips on where else to connect with Tiny House people!

Sharon Hurley and Kari Cooper (Yurt Grrl) at NJ Meetup

Sharon Hurley and Kari Cooper (Yurt Grrl) at NJ Meetup










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