Alan's log cabin in upstate New York

Alan’s original log cabin, with the addition.

One great thing about Tiny House Meetups…

is that you get to know cool people.  Some are still in the planning phase of Tiny House life, but others are actually building and living in their Tiny Homes.  It makes the process real and teaches us all that this can truly happen for us, too. Tiny House and ADU’s in NJ/PA

At our last Meetup we got to meet Alan H.

Alan is not only currently building a Tiny House on his property in upstate New York, but also has already built and Log cabin kitchenlived in another one which he recently sold.  His Tiny House story began 24 years ago.  Alan loves to snowmobile and upstate New York has a lot of snow (which you’ll see in some of the pictures!)  At first, Alan lived in a 10 x 12 shed.  That got a little uncomfortable after a year, so he decided to build a log cabin, with a few more amenities.  Here’s the kitchen area.


Interior of cabinHere is another look at the interior.

Don’t you just love that wood burning stove? This living space is functional and cozy!




This tiny log cabin is beautiful in all seasons!


Tiny log cabin in winter, upstate New York




Eventually, Alan added an addition to the original cabin.

Alan working on the addition.

Here is Alan, working on the addition.



And here is the finished addition.

These pictures are all from the original cabin that Alan built.  He is now at work on a new Tiny Home.  Pictures coming soon!