Sadie's tiny house in Hamilton, NJ

A Tiny House Prayer

To my community,

I’ve been resistant to sharing the challenges of this journey publicly. It feels vulnerable and unfamiliar. But now is the time. And I need your help.

When I started building my tiny house last summer, it was with a professional. Sadly, after two months his availability changed. Luckily, my long time friend/mentor/builder came along, volunteered, and helped me to accomplish so much. Unfortunately there wasn’t room in his life (Love you Tom!) for that to continue. As the months click on I’ve had multiple builders make promises they can’t keep.

And the challenges have been ripe all along. Decision making, planning, research, expertise, trust, asking for help, time, money, confidence, direction; you name it and building a house will allow you to be challenged by it.

But it’s the decisions we make in the face of challenge that determine our growth. Well let’s just say, I’m bound and determined to grow. I’m not giving up on this tiny house. No way, no how! I have a fiery passion to bring this dream to life.

So here’s where you, my tiny house community, come in – if you know anyone in the building industry, anyone, send them my way. Part time full time no time any time, send me a message, let’s talk. Initially I’m looking to finish the exterior: trim, siding, roof, porch, door. Then onto the inside!

I appreciate you reading this. Thank you for being a part of quite a unique and personal experience. I’m humbled by your support and grateful for your help.

Big big soulful hugs.


From Sharon: This is my beautiful Tiny House friend, Sadie. She is an amazing young woman that needs some assistance to complete her Tiny House in Hamilton, NJ. Do you know someone? Please let us know in the comments or send us an email!