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GREEN FAIR – Donations of Plastic Toys Needed – June 11 in Robbinsville, NJ

What is a Green Fair? It is a community event where people come together to learn how best to live a more environmentally friendly life. Most Fairs have products, speakers and activities that showcase topics from, gardening, healthy living practices, energy conservation, recycling and reusing, and sustainable lifestyles. At Building a Tiny Life we are […]


Living in a small town

It has been a very difficult time in my small town, Robbinsville, NJ due to the tragic death of our beloved school superintendent. While Dr. Steven Mayer was out with his dog for an early morning jog, they were both hit by a car. The driver was a 17 year old student on her way to […]


Destined to Live Tiny (Through a Child’s Eyes)

The video on our HOME page was created by my granddaughter, Lily. She was 6 years old when she made the video using her parent’s mini iPad. The idea about chronicling the clean up of Lily’s bedroom came about when she had a melt down about the job being TOO big for her to do, […]